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Reawakening knowledge of the ancient tradition of Hyarama at

Hyarama is an ancient practice dating back to the dawn of the human race. It is the Power of Hyarama within us that differentiates us from every other species on Earth.

Hyarama is not a religion, it is a means of attuning ourselves to an energy that can enable us to reach our highest goals and perform better in our everyday tasks.

The practice of Hyarama has been suppressed for many centuries due to misunderstanding and religious dogma. But it has not been lost; the knowledge of the rituals and practices have been passed down from generation to generation in a small number of families who have continued to work with Hyarama and to pass it on to others when and where it was appropriate.

Over the past 25 years there has been a small increase in the number of new Hyaramans due to the increased level of enlightenment and awareness of the shortcomings of organised religions and their teachings. More and more people are looking in esoteric directions to find answers to the deeper questions of life, both in older traditions carried forwards, and in modern "New Age" developments, and in psychologically-aware contemporary developments like counselling and Life Coaching.  We are now convinced that there is a need, and that the climate is right, to use the Internet for the awareness of Hyarama to become accessible and a little more widespread.

The use of the sexual channels within the human body to reach spiritual enlightenment is practiced within several disciplines including Tantra and Wicca. However it is only within the rituals of Hyarama that it achieves its full potential.

This website is intended to give as much information as is possible to those who have little or no knowledge of it. For those who wish to look further into this mystery, it will provide the means of “opening the door”.

A Forum is provided for discussion.