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The Practice of Hyarama
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Who Can Take Up Hyarama?
The full practice of Hyarama cannot be available to you unless you can have an open and uninhibited approach to the sexual act. This is because the Hyaraman "working" rituals can ultimately involve all aspects of the sexual act up to and including penetration, and you will need to be comfortable with this, while not simply lusting after it for no reason other than bodily pleasure.

Hyaramans, for the most part, have been couples who only "work" with their own partner once they have been "brought in". They may not even know any other “power workers”. However, this is not a requirement and there are some who will "work" with other partners, if the need arises.

Due to the sexual nature of the rituals, one cannot be brought in to become a Hyaraman until after the age of 18, and usually before the age of 40 after which the necessary inner energy patterns usually become too resistant to change. Those who are “gay” may work with Hyarama, if they have aptitude and are willing and able to work sexually with members of the opposite sex.

The basic ethic of Hyarama says:
“Do what you will, as long as in so doing you harm none, for
Whatever you do, be it good or ill, will be returned to you threefold”

The full path can only be offered to those with enough of the right aptitude and attitude, and each must freely choose for himself and herself whether to follow this path, and how far they wish to go.  

Discretion and "Coincidences"
Individuals will always need to practice discretion, and never use pressure or persuasion or anything that may hurt another. Due to social conditioning and religious dogma, many people may at times have difficulty with working sexually.
Our tradition has stayed hidden, partly because others may not practice the rule “do no harm” towards us, especially if they are inclined towards the sensational, or if they hold rigid views about sexuality which do not allow for it to have a higher function, or have rigid views about Reality that do not respect the mystery of Life and the possibility of hidden traditions.
Often, if you have the call to work with the energy of Hyarama,“coincidences” will happen to bring you into connection with us.  

The Key of Life

The Key of Life is a symbolic representation of the primary and secondary power centres within our bodies, the three major centres being “Mind” or “Crown” which is located in the head, “Strength” which is located in the breast and “Love” or “Gateway” which is located in the genitals. In order to work fully with the Hyaraman energy it is necessary for the Major Energies of Mind, Strength and Love to be in balance Of almost equal importance is “Grounding” or “Clearing” which is located in the feet.
All of these are located along the centreline of the Key and the energies generated in them determine the strength and character of the secondary or “Attribute” centres located to the left and right of the centreline.
Additionally there are 24 squares which represent the “talents” of which there are a total of 48, each square having the spiritual talent, numbered from 1 to 24, on one face and the earthly talent, numbered from 25 to 48, on the other.
The picture above shows the “Talents” in numerical order from top to bottom with the spiritual numbers showing, however, each individual Hyaraman will have a Key which is particular to them and the position of the secondary power centres and the “Talents” on their chart will be specific to the individual.

1.  Marshalling
2.  Storing
3.  Giving
4.  Transmitting
5.  Projecting
6.  Reading
7.  Discovering
8.  Detecting
9.  Telling
10. Solving
11. Modulating
12. Healing
13. Empathizing
14. Recording
15. Receiving
16. Amplifying
17. Activating
18. Taking
19. Feeling
20. Scrying
21. Seeing
22 Facting
23. Scening
24. Penting
25. Concentrating
26. Developing
27. Generosity
28. Tutoring
29. Clarity
30. Intellect
31. Discernment
32. Analyzing
33. Predicting
34. Deducing
35. Persuasiveness
36. Fixing
37. Sensitivity
38. Memory
39. Listening
40. Perseverance
41. Motivating
42. Accepting
43. Determination
44. Identifying
45. Understanding
46. Making
47. Locating
48. Pleasuring

The Basic Ritual
The basic ritual is being released here because the time is right to do so. It is here for you to try if you wish, dipping your toe in as it were, to see what you feel.
If you and your partner would like to experience this different energy, you can do so by the following method. Find a space in which you are comfortable and private and not distracted by everyday activities. Remove all of your clothing and sit together for a few minutes, then perform the ritual below:

Blessing of the Hands
The couple stand facing each other. One of them (The giver) places his/her hands with the fingertips on each side of the receiver's head, lightly strokes the thumbs outwards three times across the receiver's eyes, and says "I bless these eyes that they may see the truth". The receiver does the same to the giver, saying "I return thy blessing".
The giver then moves the hands down to the cheeks, strokes the receiver's lips three times, saying "I bless these lips that they may speak the truth". The receiver does the same to the giver, saying "I return thy blessing".
The giver then places the hands against the side of the breasts, strokes the receiver's nipples three times, saying "I bless these breasts, formed in beauty and in strength". The receiver does the same to the giver, saying "I return thy blessing".
The giver then places the left hand on the receiver's shoulder, and the right hand on the genital area, making six movements, while saying "I bless thy manhood/womanhood, outer sign of inner love". The receiver does the same to the giver, saying "I return thy blessing".
If this generated an energy sensation for you, you may well have the potential to become a "Power Worker / Hyaraman". If so, and if you wish, please contact us.  BACK TO TOP

Positive Purpose of Ritual
The purpose of the above ritual is to change the energy within the sexual channel from the earthly to the spiritual, thus ensuring that the subsequent rituals carry the spiritual energy.

Every time we perform a ritual "Blessing", we bring through positive energies which help to combat the negative energies that are present in the world, and to maintain a positive spiritual evolution overall.

The greatest amount of positive energy is generated with "Calling down the Power”, when the Power moves through the experience otherwise known as the orgasm. However, the movement of the energy/power can occur even without the physical experience of orgasm.   BACK TO TOP

The naked truth
Why do Hyaramans, in common with some other disciplines, feel the necessity to work “skyclad” ie naked?
Firstly: because “the Power” is immensely capable and carries a huge energy but, like electricity, can be insulated with a very thin covering. By working skyclad, we remove any impediment to the movement of power between us. On those occasions where being skyclad is inappropriate, for working purposes, we work “single-clad” (wearing a single garment of natural fibre), because this presents the least resistance to the movement of the power.
Secondly: in appearing naked before one another, we demonstrate in the most effective way that we are open to one another with nothing to hide.

The word “skyclad” is telling. The colour blue, often used as the colour of healing and peace, has always been the colour of Hyarama. Those who can see auras will pick this up. Many early paintings show human subjects in a sky-blue robe over a flesh-pink one, hinting that the subject is a “power worker”/Hyaraman and in reality should be “skyclad”. Renaissance painters put a great many esoteric hints into their paintings.  BACK TO TOP

Basic Energy Movement
Power enters through the head, and flows downwards through the three primary centres of Mind, Strength and Love. Mind is focused in the head. Strength is focused at the nipples and Love is focused at the genitals. “Power” moves out of the body through the hands and occasionally the feet. The principal use of strength is to change the energy level of the Mind & Love centres when needed.

Power is shared and balanced through genital contact or penetration.

Solo Blessing
Females have a slight edge over males because the Power itself has a male quality to which females are naturally built to be receptive, thus the solo blessing is usually the province of females.
Actions are as for the Blessing of the Hands, described above, saying the following:
“I take control of my eyes, that they may see things clearly as they are.”
“I take control of my lips, that the words they speak are words of truth and wisdom.”
“I take control of my breasts that I may use my beauty and strength with integrity.”
“I take control of my womanhood that I may give & receive with love & honour.”
This blessing can be used by some males when a partner is not available
* * * * * * *

Inhibitions and Reservations
For those among you who are drawn to the energy of Hyarama but have reservations about the sexual nature of the rituals, we can work with you to explore ways and means of bringing the Power to you and, where possible, overcoming those reservations. On the page about "Sex, Courtesy, Healing and Truth" you can find keys to healing, and help in understanding people's blocks, and the ancient cultural respect for sacred sexuality; and you can visit contemporary websites for Tantra. 



Hyarama is a tradition of the “right hand path”
It is only to enable positive work for the benefit of all
It will not work for mere personal gain
or for any negative purpose.
* * * * * * * * * *

These pages are designed:
to make the path available to those who need it
to correct ancient prejudice, misinformation and ignorance
to show the ancient links of True Spirituality with Hyarama
to enable All Good Spirituality to grow and be blessed
to reopen the highest sacred potential of love & marriage
to honour the deepest understanding of “male” & “female”
to offer a chance to rediscover the spiritual openness of childhood
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * *