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Hyarama - the Basics
..Why Now?..
We live in times of profound change, crisis, and opportunity, foreseen by many ancient spiritual traditions. Many people want to embrace the Sacred as deeply as possible, to bring sufficient healing to the planet. For us, Hyarama offers just that facility. Yet although the work is to benefit all, and many may actively be friends of Hyarama, it appears that only a small minority can fully work this way, at present. This too may change, and in the future many more people may relate actively to Hyarama. But at present, for various reasons, the tradition of Hyarama has become very hard to find, although there is now great need. Now, however, through the Web we can release basic information, without compromising the needs of those who must work privately, and without compromising the integrity of the tradition.   BACK TO TOP


..Real magic? A Sacred Mystery?..
Can sexuality have a spiritual basis.
To some, the claims here may seem strange;
yet others may find sacred, precious material here that they have sought all their life to find.

Times are changing, and it is now essential that anyone who is “on the spiritual path”, cares about Truth, and/or wants to help humankind and the planet, can accept, and know this is true in their heart, and find evidence for Hyarama, even if they do not take it up themselves. Evidence that this path is effective and real, has always been with humankind.

Science, Psychology, and “New Age” paradigm shifts in consciousness, including the development of Tantra, have gradually been clearing religious prejudice and sensationalism, and encouraging the examination of unfamiliar truths, at least enough to enable the knowledge of Hyarama to be made available here.

Yet you yourself must investigate, question, intuit, and decide. The tradition still risks being misunderstood and even abused, but we are sure that the need of the times, and the potential for looking at an ancient mystery with new eyes, now outweighs all this.

The energy of Hyarama has, throughout history, been recognized and is alluded to in the works of many writers, both fictional and otherwise. Those who become familiar with the energy of Hyarama will quickly learn to recognize the relevant passages.   BACK TO TOP


..Sexuality & Spirituality..
The West inherits an ancient legacy of sexual repression and guilt-ridden inhibitions, that still dominates, corrupts and desensitises our present culture far more than people are generally aware of. Many will find the concept of sexual-spirituality to be very strange, even too strange to accept. But if you can trust and explore your own intuitions, break the shackles of convention and put aside your inhibitions, you may experience for yourself the freedom and joy of awakening the power within yourself, and if you so choose, the even greater attunement to the universal power.

Hyarama is an extremely ancient tradition which uses the sexual channels for positive spiritual purposes. Hyaramans may also be known as "followers of the Ankh" or people who "work with the Power". This phrase stems from the basic experience, that the universal Power can be tapped into or drawn on, by those who have the capacity, and who have been instructed in the necessary rituals/methods. The full Power has spiritual inwardness and physical outwardness which find natural expression as “female” and “male”. The purpose of the rituals is to enable individual “workers” to temporarily alter the sexual channel from its normal earthly function, so that it may be used to channel the universal Power.    BACK TO TOP


The practice of Hyarama was at its height in Atlantis, and according to its oral tradition, it was the dominant spiritual practice. The sinking of Atlantis was primarily a totally natural catastrophe, due to geological changes, though this was possibly exacerbated by negative interference. Such interference did not come from within the Hyaraman tradition but it may be the reason why Hyarama had to become hidden, and why both Hyarama and Atlantis came to be regarded as a myth rather than a forgotten civilisation. Yet there is increasing evidence for such a mysterious civilization, far older than any of those which are “officially” recognised.
Emissaries from Atlantis went out into the whole world, particularly to Britain, the Americas, Egypt, the Himalayas, and the Orient, and carried the practice of Hyarama with them. It was known that the advanced Atlantean knowledge would gradually diminish until it was almost gone by the present time, so foundations were laid to ensure that the Hyaraman practices and rituals would continue until such time as they could, once again, serve humanity to the best effect.
There is plenty of evidence of the continuing practice of Hyarama, and of the desire of Hyaramans to indicate their presence in places, buildings, monuments etc. There is evidence hidden within most major religions, and within the spiritual core of aristocracy. For instance, despite the Christian Church proclaiming Jesus to be celibate, there is strong and growing evidence that he had a sacred sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. It makes sense to consider that such a relationship had to be kept private. But information contained within the Bible, in legends, and in ancient documents, is now being brought into the open and cannot be ignored.

..Good Spirituality - Miracles & Magic..
Those who take up a positive spiritual path know that this involves committment from the heart, and work. Then they may discover that "coincidences" appear like "visiting cards" from the spiritual realms. They may discover that prayers for help are answered (even if not according to one's expectations and assumptions!) and miracles are by no means unknown. Miracles seem to happen in response to genuine requests for help in situations of real need. This is the only sense in which we understand True Magic. Any manipulation of higher powers for merely personal ends is not acceptable.

The consistently underlying purpose of Hyaraman ritual is to bring through positive energies, to combat the negative energies in the world, and to maintain a positive spiritual balance.

Deep insights, from a whole range of positive spiritual, esoteric and holistic developments today, are helping to clear the way for Hyarama to be known about, understood and accepted again, after having been hidden for so long. However, much prejudice, causing vulnerability to abuse and slander, still remains to be cleared and healed. The after-effects of the Inquisition, and centuries of control by priestcraft, are still with us.

..Basic Ethics..
Hyarama was the origin of the basic rule which says "Do whatsoever you will as long as in so doing you harm none, for whatever you do, be it good or evil, will return to you threefold".
Individuals may be practitioners of any positive religion or none.
The full knowledge of the Hyaraman path can only be offered to those with enough of the right aptitude and attitude, and each individual must choose whether to follow this path, and how far they wish to go
Due to the sexual nature of the rituals, Hyaramans do not start “working” until after puberty, usually after the age of 18, and usually before the age of 40, because the energy patterns become resistant to change by that time.
There is no hierarchy and all are considered to have an equal voice, although there are different levels of attainment, which depend on attunement to Hyarama and practice of ritual.
Due to social pressures, most of the ritual is done in the privacy of one’s own home, and most are couples who work solely with their own partner once they have been instructed and "brought through" by a practicing Hyaraman.




Hyarama is a tradition of the “right hand path”
It is only to enable positive work for the benefit of all
It will not work for mere personal gain
or for any negative purpose.
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These pages are designed:
to make the path available to those who need it
to correct ancient prejudice, misinformation and ignorance
to show the ancient links of True Spirituality with Hyarama
to enable All Good Spirituality to grow and be blessed
to reopen the highest sacred potential of love & marriage
to honour the deepest understanding of “male” & “female”
to offer a chance to rediscover the spiritual openness of childhood
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