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Hyarama in Context & History


The Ankh and the Hyacrom
The ancient Atlantean symbol for Hyarama was the Hyacrom, two of which are shown above on either side of an Ankh and which had within it the Ankh. Since Atlantis many Hyaramans have chosen to display the Ankh. so that they may be identified with magic/spirituality buyt without revealing their specific allegiance.The Ankh has a "human" form to it, with head, arms and body; it holds both the female energy (circle at the head) and the male energy (extending legs or phallus). Thus it reflects the basic Polarity of Existence. We are all polarized between Gathering Within the psyche or soul (the female circle) and Radiating Out into physical "reality" (the male focussed line). In Life, Science informs us on a great wealth of evidence that the physical world is "the objective reality" and that our inner experiences are a lower "subjective reality". Yet in order to survive with meaning and purpose, we must work from the certainty that our intuitive inner experience is the only true reality. In the Ankh, both poles of Reality are held together in symbolic form, balanced by the arms.

The Ankh has been adopted as a symbol by various esoteric groups. Ancient Egypt however adopted it in line with the dominant religion there, and it is frequently depicted in the paintings, sculptures and hieroglyphic writings as the recognizable symbol of Kingship, Divinity and Power.
But the origin of the Ankh is far more ancient and practical. It was probably last used openly for its true purpose by the Atlanteans. This purpose was to focus and transmit various energies which, amongst other things, they used for the healing of Mind, Body and Spirit. The shape of the Ankh indicates how it was used. The two arms were gripped by the operator’s hands while he/she called up the required energy; the energy flowed from the hands into the loop of the Ankh where it was rotated until a vortex was created that drew in more energy, independent of the operator. This energy was then directed to where it was needed by pointing the stem of the Ankh at the location and releasing the energy.

Whilst the details of the construction of a fully working Ankh are not currently available, many of those who have been inducted with the Hyaraman energy find that they can achieve a degree of energy movement through an Ankh made of either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Wood. The quality and quantity of the energy are entirely dependant upon the facility of the practitioner.
The original fully working Ankh was known to have been made from an alloy of several metals and had the appearance of gold but with a lilac-purplish sheen from some directions. Whether the purple glint was always present, or whether it only manifested when energy movement was occurring, is uncertain. But we know that some Ankhs were studded with gemstones which were used to focus specific energies as assigned by their owner/practitioner.  BACK TO TOP


Atlantis & Hyarama
According to our oral tradition, Hyarama was essential to the formation of the civilization of Atlantis, where it became the high and accepted spiritual practice. It was practised by all, yet the population of Atlantis was small compared to the total global population even then. Hyarama was not responsible for the sinking of Atlantis. Our tradition is thus somewhat contrary to what we regard as a myth promulgated by those who wished to take the sacredness out of ritual sexual practices and associate all such practices with negative energies. According to Hyaraman tradition, any negative influences that hastened the demise of Atlantis were imposed by outsiders, and not by Hyaramans/Atlanteans.

Evidence is of two valid kinds, internal and external:-
* external, factual, systematically testable, "normal" scientific evidence - the "male" polarity,
* inward, spiritual, imaginative, thoughtful, clairvoyant evidence - the "female" polarity.
Unconscious assumptions of the "nature of reality" have a huge power to influence
the way we read evidence, the evidence we select, and even the evidence we notice.

Perhaps Atlantis had to sink, for the Hyaraman energy to evolve in the face of challenge. Perhaps the whole purpose of Atlantis was to develop a spiritual "seed" for the future. Perhaps this was the way to enable youthful Humankind to go forward. Perhaps the "bad" myths about Atlantis' demise arose in the same way as teenagers blame parents - and then the myths stick. Perhaps the "bad" myths arose through dogmatic priestcraft and rulers rewriting history. Even those who have strong "experiences" of Atlantis may have partial and inadequate pictures of its nature and purpose. Many clues can be picked up psychically, and checked with other sensitives. The "Lost Teachings of Atlantis" is very special. But we’ve found nothing as reliable as that which Hyarama itself has revealed.

The external evidence includes:
* Plato’s account of Atlantis in Critias and Timaeus. This was given by the Egyptian priests of Sais to Solon the founder of Athens. Egypt was able to sustain Atlantean energies for a long time. Proclus, Diodorus Siculus, Philo Judaeus, Tertullian, and other classical writers also refer to Atlantis as having really existed.

* Findings from recent times, studied with the best of scientific methods and equipment now available. This includes the Piri Reis map which gives indisputable evidence of ancient cartographic skills unequalled until modern times, and signs of sea changes; redating the Sphinx to far earlier; underwater findings; little-known pyramids; analysis of language and flood legends; and acceptable geological data.

By far the best scholarly overview, readable yet with wide-ranging details and references, is the broadsheet "Atlantis and the Advanced Prehistoric World" by Nigel Blair MA Oxon (put here with his blessing).  BACK TO TOP


The ancient Tree of Life returned

This shows not only the spheres that Qabala knows as the sephiroth, it also shows 24 other areas, which Hyarama recognizes as the Talents which each practising Hyaraman possesses and uses.  Just as with the Hyacrom, it appears that what esoteric tradition has carried for a long time is a simplified version of the original.


Evidence for Hyarama
It is difficult to show evidence, though Truth is important, and Science rightly requires evidence. It has its place. Most of the evidence one actually needs is shown through answer to prayer in whatever form, "coincidences", miracles, moments of heightened awareness, and one will often be in no doubt. Also, some of the "evidence" might be considered pornographic, which is not the intention of this website.  We could have shown photographs of stately homes, but that would be intruding on personal privacy. However, there is already a strong and ancient tradition of leaving hints for "those with eyes to see", and sometimes people give hints without realizing this (Ayanne's unconscious use of "double-entendres" is known to all her friends):




Evolution in the Light of Hyarama
Ayanne's work

Stargate Now
Ayanne's work

Finding Healing and Balance (Ayanne's work)

Effects of centuries of suppression
In ancient times, sacred sexuality was understood, respected, honoured. Every single name for "whore" derives from an ancient word whose original meaning is sacred, revered, honoured. The Christian Church inherited prejudices that were already ancient. These were further locked into place when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, with licence to insist on blind allegiance and to put down dissenters by force. Sexuality has been kept so severely under wraps that with the loss of awareness of its vital positive spiritual dimension, we now inherit problems. Sexual abuse is only the most obvious one. In cultures where sexual freedom is the norm, abuse is virtually non-existent. Child-bearing has been portrayed as the only reason for the sexual act at all. Is this why the planet is grossly overpopulated?

Current Good Research and Practice
Modern psychology has yielded increasingly sensitive research and practice, bringing in more and more openness to explore the spiritual dimension from Jung and Assagioli onwards, and with the ripple effects of "New Age" developments like the Findhorn Foundation.

Research shows that a lot of subtle energy and positive hormones are released through orgasm. Even non-Hyaramans are aware of the potential to redirect some of this to planetary healing - see

The ancient tradition of Tantra originates from the Buddhist Vajrayana tradition. Tantra practices are now linked to good training in psychotherapy, and workshops can help people safely explore sexual energies within their individual perceived "comfort zones".

Nancy Friday (eg Men in Love) broke huge ground in the 1970's through collecting women's and men's sexual fantasies and experiences. Her grasp of psychology at the humanistic level is excellent, even though she does not reach the spiritual core. It can be instructive to explore the realms of "forbidden fruit", and the knee-jerk reactions in the realms of sexuality. The only guide is that we cause harm to none!

Quantities of material are appearing through many different sources, giving a composite picture of Jesus that is very different to what the Church teaches.  Most importantly, it is much wider and more complete and includes Mary Magdalene as his bride and co-worker with Sacred Sexual practices. All this shows how the very roots of Christianity are deeply esoteric, and Hyarama makes sense of it all as nothing else does.

Spiritual Abuse of Sexuality
This website is not set up to further the negative side, the intentional spiritual misuse of sexuality - but we are aware that help is sometimes needed, and sought, in such areas. It would be good to be able to work together with non-Hyaramans here - an important reason for this website, to counter general ignorance, fear, and misinformation. 




Hyarama is a tradition of the “right hand path”
It is only to enable positive work for the benefit of all
It will not work for mere personal gain
or for any negative purpose.
* * * * * * * * * *

These pages are designed:
to make the path available to those who need it
to correct ancient prejudice, misinformation and ignorance
to show the ancient links of True Spirituality with Hyarama
to enable All Good Spirituality to grow and be blessed
to reopen the highest sacred potential of love & marriage
to honour the deepest understanding of “male” & “female”
to offer a chance to rediscover the spiritual openness of childhood
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