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  Ayanne Calyw        

About Us
We are ordinary people who work with the Hyaraman energy and have first-hand experience of it's efficacy and power.
Hyarama has been practised by many who have brought great help and blessings to humankind. But they had to practice in secret. Hyarama itself can help maintain the secrecy, we have seen this happen.  We cannot offer conventional proof - just keep an open mind, and pay attention to the subtle messages of Life. Hyarama has been handed down the family of Calyw since time immemorial; Ayanne came fresh but with a scientist's eye for evidence and has now found it everywhere, at the hidden, forgotten, spiritual core of our planetary heritage, not least in the Bible and in the pivotal words of Jesus about "Witness to Truth".

Many events “conspired” to push us into setting up this website .

Some of these “trigger” events are personal tragedies and handicaps, that would never have happened had Hyarama been known about and understood. Even so, we could not have done this work had there not been many signs that “it is time”, and we also had direct support from Hyarama / Spirit.

We are few but we represent a “star gate” and reservoir of power and goodwill. These are not our ordinary names. We hope that in time other Hyaramans may add their stories here. But there is still a lot of prejudice, and many Hyaramans will therefore still want to stay private.

Calyw's Story
I am a member of an old Aristocratic West-country family who can trace themselves back several hundred years in written records and very much further in anecdotal record. I am also part-Welsh and part-Romany.

Within the family there have always been two lines of descent and inheritance. One of these is the publicly acknowledged one which carried the rights to the lands and title and which passed these rights directly from generation to generation. The other is the one which passed on the core knowledge of Hyarama and the spiritual strength and energy to maintain this knowledge for future generations within and outside of the family. This inheritance passed, always, to the next in line with the capacity to honour it, even when this meant skipping a generation or two.

From the age of three I was raised by my Paternal Grandmother who was of gypsy extraction and who carried the Power in her own right as well as having been married to my Grandfather who was her “working” partner. She saw that the energies were present in me to enable me at a later date to become the next carrier of the Power within the family and, because my parents did not carry the Power, she persuaded them to hand me over to her. This enabled her to prepare me for my future as a carrier of the Hyaraman core energy.

At the age of 16 I went to live in America. At the age of 18 during service in the U.S. Marines, I was severely injured and spent several weeks in hospital, much of this time in a coma from which I was not expected to recover.

One morning I “saw” a lilac coloured light shining in through my window and felt a strength enter in to me and I awoke from the coma. I was partly paralysed and blind but, somehow, I knew this would not last and I would make a full recovery. I also knew that the light that I had “seen” was the energy of the Power.Shortly after this I met a Hyaraman who “brought me through” into the Power. This awakened in me the understanding of my Grandmothers teachings and the knowledge of the Core Energy.

I subsequently met and worked with many other workers from different cultures including Native Americans (Hopi, Seminole & Cherokee) with whom I lived for a short time.
I was present at the emergence of “Flower Power” and together with other Hyaramans made the slogan “Make Love not War” the clarion call of that movement. Several of the Flower people became Power workers and a group of them set up a Hyaraman commune, at which I spent a little time. Shortly after this I was invited to spend some time at the “S---u” temple which is the Oriental equivalent of Hyarama. Whilst there I was taken through their induction/experiential process at a very accelerated rate and, because of my ability to clear unwanted energies, was given the title of
“Lord Ibis”.

On my return to Britain I continued my work with the Power and “brought through” several new workers in various parts of the country, including Ireland.

In 1991 I joined forces with my current “working” partner and, together with another “working”couple, formed a group representing the four elements.

Ayanne's Story

I had no obvious spiritual inclinations as a child, and spirituality was the last thing I ever thought I would work with.
I never dreamed I would be called so insistently, so persistently, so inescapably, by Spirit, let alone that this would lead eventually to the practice of sacred sexuality and the call to prepare this website.

But I dropped out of University, knowing that something essential was missing
Yet I'd been top of my class in a good school and was even a year younger than the others.
"Normal" expectations of life no longer worked, and neither parents, friends, education or Church could help.
I tried to "fit in" and my body simply refused to "fit"! Eventually I nearly died.
I inwardly heard the words of the Gospels bringing me the exact help I needed, at my deep moments of distress.
I also had mystical experiences: I could "see" the life-force in Nature, in the plants around me,
when I was reaching in my thinking and my imagination for what I had come to Earth to do.
From the beginning I had one foot in the Christian realm, one foot in the Pagan realm.
I wanted to help humankind with "all my mind, all my strength, all my love, and all my soul".

I was unaware for many years that I touched Asperger Syndrome.
I didn't fit, but I had Spirit and that was far better.

My first great discovery was Rudolf Steiner. Applying Scientific Method to the inner realities! In line with everything I'd learned and experienced and thought! This was such a recognition, such a joy to find, and it helped me so much, that I was shocked and bewildered to find that my own parents whom I'd always regarded as intelligent, liberal, creative and sensitive, shunned the subject and forbade me to talk about it.
This threw me back on my own resources.  I resolved that always I needed to be able to appear "ordinary" so I moved away from the Steiner communities - but I took with me the precious link with Spirit, compatible with Science, that Steiner had taught me.

I did not touch sacred sexuality until I found Hyarama, after 20 years "on the spiritual path".
Thereafter it was Hyarama which, every time, time after time after time,
provided my help at my moments of deep distress and questioning
- even when the distress arose because people had attacked me for my Hyaraman work
- even when I let go of everything in order to let Spirit in openly
- even when I didn't recognize at first that the help was from Hyarama
- and even when I was dealing with accusations from former friends like "being addicted" and "living a lie"
which hurt at the deepest level because they are so much the opposite of the truth.

If only I had the chance to explain, to draw forth all questions and answer them...
to make amends if there were amends needing to be made (which Spirit has always denied)

This website was the answer.
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At 21, I absorbed Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy (also known as Spiritual Science) through a year spent at Emerson College. This provided a vital foundation for my spiritual journey (as it did for Sir George Trevelyan), by recognizing Spirit at the heart of THINKING. Thus I grasped our human birthright of direct experience of the spiritual world, backed up by full awareness and by Scientific Method. Steiner opened up for me a cosmology in which Reincarnation is integral for human beings and the figure of Christ is of central importance in a holistic picture of evolution. It was a cosmology that fitted both my life experience, my thinking, my wide knowledge, and the methods of Science, and in which I could begin to know myself and orientate myself with confidence for the first time.

I discovered the Findhorn Community in my late 20’s and decided that if Peter and Eileen Caddy could take God seriously and get practical guidance, so could I. This second profound encounter in my life gave me STRENGTH to walk my increasingly lonely path and trust my intuition, going beyond Steiner's Anthroposophy, picking up my Church Christian heritage, helping me face the apocalyptic dimensions of today's world, following "coincidences" and "guidance" wherever they took me, in difficult as well as in blessed circumstances.

I met Hyarama at 40, which is very late by normal standards. I began to sense that I'd finally come home to what I've known for many lifetimes, and I began to make sense of all that had happened to me. At last I knew I was working with the spiritual power that I'd long felt must be available somewhere, to help the planetary apocalypse. Hyarama was establishing foundations even deeper than Spiritual Science, deeper than all I had hitherto experienced, blessing me with a great new power of LOVE. I needed this power of Love, because as my experiences became more and more unusual, they became less and less explainable to others, and this gave rise to many difficulties.


I never succeeded in getting a degree - my spiritual awakening required that I follow Spirit directly without any of the customary rewards of Life. I married. I have a daughter. We had an idyllic cottage in the country - then Spirit ripped me out of this situation, as I had felt was going to happen, as it did with Eileen Caddy from Findhorn. The next years were all, as I now know, preparation for taking on Hyarama. They are still rather private and at times painful but ultimately all under guidance from Spirit and - yes - miraculous and blessed in the end.

I carry the “Wounded Healer” experience deeply, together with powerful "Mary Magdalene" energies. It took me a very long time to begin to wake up. I now understand Spiritual Emergency from inside , alongside M.E., Post-Trauma Stress Syndrome, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and Asperger Syndrome. I've worked to help many with Spiritual Emergency, M.E., P.T.S.S., and Autistic Spectrum conditions! I now know that without these experiences, and without having to cope frequently with my own "feet of clay" when my "tide is out", I would not have the wisdom needed for this website and the next part of the work.

I have extensive experience in building community, from many lifetimes. I am reasonably expert in most aspects of community life and development. I was a housemother in two Steiner communities. I love helping people. I embrace a wide spectrum of consciousness, including Christian, Pagan, shamanic, and more. I have qualifications in counselling, Life Coaching, management, and web design. I take inspiration from the Emmaus communities, Pilsdon, Othona, Findhorn, Patch Adams, and the Quest Community in Glastonbury, which I helped establish over a 10 year period until Fate sent in slanderers to attack me through all that I most care about, not least my sacred committment to Truth. Perhaps it was time for me to grow through hard experiences, and to be free to prepare this website.

I’ve only intermittently “fitted in” but have been supported many times miraculously by Spirit. I have had little direct contact with other “power workers” but Calyw has worked with many. We hold opposite “polarities” of experience.

I’m like the mistletoe, needing a "host" tree but NOT being a parasite! Even my bodily signature shows this quality. I'm aware of the extraordinary challenge of our times, and of the millennia of work that many have achieved and suffered before us.
Ayanne's other (non-Hyaraman) work - click here

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Hyarama is a tradition of the “right hand path”
It is only to enable positive work for the benefit of all
It will not work for mere personal gain
or for any negative purpose.
* * * * * * * * * *

These pages are designed:
to make the path available to those who need it
to correct ancient prejudice, misinformation and ignorance
to show the ancient links of True Spirituality with Hyarama
to enable All Good Spirituality to grow and be blessed
to reopen the highest sacred potential of love & marriage
to honour the deepest understanding of “male” & “female”
to offer a chance to rediscover the spiritual openness of childhood
* * * * * * * * *
* * * * *