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Millennium Star Gate
at the Change of Ages
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An Exciting Discovery
The Key given by Rudolf Steiner
Knowledge of the Spiritual Worlds
Steiner's great Cosmic Picture of Creation
Epochs of Earth Evolution
Definition of Astrological Ages
Ages Following Atlantis
Age of Aries - Ancient Israel
Female Mystery at source of Hebrew History
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream interpreted
Steiner's Limits?
Search for the Correct Dating of the Ages
Renaissance of Learning - not the New Age


Why we cannot be on the brink of Aquarius

"Coincidence" Discovery opens up

Importance of the story & work of Jesus here
Cosmic Mathematics with Beauty

The Turning Point of Time
Antiochus Epiphanes, Daniel & the Essenes
Founding the Essene Community at Qumran
Anna the Prophetess, 84 Years Old
Birth of Two Jesus Children
Life of Jesus at the Turning Point
Jerusalem Destroyed,
John's Angel Dictates the Book of Revelation

Significance of all this now?

I believe I may have spotted a star phenomenon that has implications which are deep and far-reaching, very exact, and very unique. It appears to apply most exactly to 1999 and will not recur in this form for another 26,000-odd years. It appears to outshine the numerology of 1998 = 666 x 3, the August great solar eclipse, the millenium, and even 2012, in importance, and its felt presence may well be behind the significance ascribed to these, and more. There seems to be a link with the date 10,500 BC that figures with such prominence in "Heaven's Mirror" and other books. It concerns a way of dating a pretty exact period of change from one astrological age to another. This new dating fits all known facts and sheds much clearer light on the meaning of the ages of Aries and Pisces, and the significance of these times of change, called in Biblical apocalyptic writings, "End Times" or "the time of the End", often mistakenly thought to mean the end of the whole world.

Quite why this discovery should have come to me in preference to the many others who are searching the stars for wisdom with far more astrological wisdom and sophisticated astronomy, is a mystery. Perhaps it is because what I have found only attains its stature when taken without many of the preconceptions that exist in both astrology and astronomy - because it relates essentially to both. Perhaps because it fits with remarkable exactitude many otherwise obscure and apocalyptic Biblical passages. This "fit" stands head-and-shoulders above anything else I have found, and this is not for want of sensitive, intelligent and diligent looking.

But it is most of all because I have followed an unusual path with regard to Rudolf Steiner, whom I still regard, despite not practising Hyarama, as one of the most important esotericists - spiritually advanced helpers - of our time. At the start of my spiritual journey, he taught me the basics of Spiritual Science, yet his methodology has proved its universality and objectivity by enabling me to pass beyond himself, to reach different conclusions, and also to rigorously challenge and steadily ascertain the validity of Hyarama.
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Steiner's first book, the "Philosophy of Freedom", led me through rigorous logic to the liberating experience of scientifically strict proof of knowledge of the spiritual worlds, through examining the act and nature of my own thinking process. Through this exercise, I became aware of the self-sustaining, truly objective nature and source of Thinking itself. This proof connects one with the Reality within Thinking which one realizes one is entitled to call Spirit - because there is nothing else. Thinking gives me the point within my total experience where I know the spiritual origin of everything else with scientifically-testable certainty. At first, this knowledge has no real content, but it has an energy and signature that is again and again my starting-point of exploration. From this point on I work with knowledge of the spiritual realms, not belief. I can then begin to deal with everything else. I learn above all to read the Book of Life.

Steiner next wrote "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds" - the next step of expansion of the Gnosis, once proof of knowledge has been grasped as the necessary foundation. The development of healthy direct spiritual perception is once again, after a low point during the last two millenia, possible for far greater numbers of people, and for many is now essential. Direct spiritual perception has never been completely lost, but much ancient wisdom had to be transmitted through the esoteric traditions by "word of mouth", in compressed form. The book outlines Steiner's method of development. He also gives two warnings: first, that spiritual perception can only develop in a healthy way if it comes in direct consequence to the endeavour for personal moral development - free from dogma of any kind; second, that if a healthy path such as this is not made available, people today will find unhealthy paths, such as exists in the taking of drugs.

The next logical step is to develop this heightened, awakened gnosis into a complete science of spiritual investigation. Steiner gave me an ABC to explore the Book of Life, with his firstfruits of "Anthroposophy" (meaning "Wisdom about Mankind"). This is a picture of holistic evolution, from Spirit into Matter, which has stood the test of time - thirty years for me - as a workable and beautiful framework from which to start. I will explain this picture in outline, as it is vital for understanding why I regard my starry research as so important.
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Steiner next wrote "Occult Science". At that time, the word "occult" did not have the heavy pejorative sense that it has now for many Christians. "Occult" literally means "hidden". The book resulted from his deep meditation on Biblical, esoteric, and scientific accounts of creation, until he reached a picture that could embrace them all as parts of a greater truth. He presented a cosmic picture of evolution in which everything turns about the evolution of humankind, which he asked people not to believe, but to live with, observe, and test by their own observations, intuitions, research, commonsense, and improve on if they could. This is how I work.

Great spiritual Beings, known to the Hebrew and Christian esoteric tradition (and others) and to some of the writers of the Bible, sacrifice themselves to bring the work or Evolution about. The sacrifice of the Christ Being is central to the whole process of evolution and can be recognized at work in times and places vastly removed from the historical focus of Jesus the Nazarene.
Through these great sacrificial Deeds, each of us is given the freedom to evolve through successive earth lives. This work we humans participate in as we evolve and learn to handle our freedom creatively and wisely.
Our physical forms proceed from, and are witness to, the work of higher spiritual Beings. All physical reality proceeds from higher spiritual levels, planes, dimensions, in every detail of existence. This is how the Book of Life can start to be read by us, starting from the evidence of the physical, paying close attention to ever more subtle results, and using, observing, disciplining by appropriate scientific method, training our imagination as an exact organ of perception.

Steiner described great cycles of planetary evolution. Three cycles precede our present one on Earth, which are called, in accordance with traditional Rosicrucian (esoteric Christian) teachings, "Old Saturn", "Old Sun" and "Old Moon". Full physical solidity and the laws of physics as we know them are not reached until the present Earth, and even then not straight away.
This picture opens up real possibilities to make sense of otherwise inexplicable geological anomalies, which traditional science often prefers to gloss over - so that one may not even be aware of such unyielding-to-conventional-science anomalies unless one has encountered them highlighted in the work of deeper, more truly open-minded and esoterically-sensitive scientists and investigators such as Steiner - many of whom are condemned by orthodox science, often lumped together with obviously disreputable eccentrics and with those who sell themselves for profit. But this is not the place to explore, merely to indicate that if one looks carefully, very interesting research has been done, and readable books written, in this area.
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Steadily the evolutionary process gains sharper focus. On Earth, we have reached the fifth stage of planetary evolution, in a pattern that looks set fair to extend to seven such stages. The first stage is called the Polarian; the second is the Hyperborean (literally "at the back of the North Wind", it refers classically to Norway/Scandinavia, and suggests the first processes of greening and life-forms).

The third stage is Lemuria, and it is here that human beings, already existing in the more subtle spiritual dimensions, begin to incarnate on earth in physical bodies. Dinosaurs are at large in other parts of the earth, being the quasi-demonic shadow forms first engendered by the terrible and dangerous process of human incarnation, only hinted at when it goes wrong in the Biblical story of "the Fall". According to Steiner and various esoteric traditions, Lemuria was situated where the Indian Ocean now exists, reaching out eastwards to present-day Malaysia, Australia, and even the Pacific.

Michael Cremo in "Hidden History of the Human Race" and "Human Devolution" has systematically collected copious scientific evidence of humans on Earth alongside, and even preceding, dinosaurs - and describes why the evidence isn't known generally to Science today but has been covered up, although "Creationists" know about it; see also our booklist - section on Evolution

One needs to put aside very firmly the present-day pride and prejudice existing in academic Science, which while claiming objectivity and impartiality and thoroughness in researching Truth, so often displays the exact opposite, with vituperative alacrity and venomous content, whenever phenomena with metaphysical components are presented for examination. One has to venerate Truth far more than most so-called scientists do, if one is to bring appropriately sensitive scientific method to bear on such assertions.

Read the beautiful classic, "Mutant Message Down Under", in which a group of Australian Aborigines, who have kept their primeval purity of spiritual connection, describe how they still know their origin in the stars. Hence surely the use of dots in their art forms. It seems to me that these people have Lemurian roots, and can be best understood in the great work of evolution, if this is borne in mind. So too the Kalahari Bushmen in Africa, about whom Laurens van der Post has written with such sensitive perception. The "Book of Life" speaks eloquently about the spirituality of Bali, another island adjacent to the Indian Ocean where other Lemurian powers have been preserved . And so on.

The next stage of Earth evolution is Atlantis. Here civilization first appears. But in time a science was developed that was more subtle and more powerful than most of what is openly known to present-day science. Powers were developed that could powerfully affect the magnetic field, neutralize gravity and cause matter to vanish into non-physical dimensions, which eventually turned on their abusers in a kind of chain-reaction, destroying a whole continent and turning it into vapour and muddy rain in a way inconceivable to modern Science. But traditions of this Flood exist across the whole world, especially on both sides of the Atlantic.

In my present thinking, I believe that Atlantis' demise was basically due to natural catastrophe, and was a part of a very long-term "celestial Plan" for Earth. I now believe that Hyarama was the prevalent spirituality in Atlantis, and that, because it came "from the Heavens" as an already "mature" path to souls who were already spiritually advanced , it had to go "underground" for six whole star ages, ie 12,000-odd years, in order to allow young Humankind to experience a full measure of the spirit of Freedom. I believe now that though there WAS negative interference that accelerated the demise, the core spirituality of Atlantis was not to blame although it has been blamed, even by sensitive, well-meaning people who have had genuine powerful spiritual experiences. I believe now, that as we've seen so often in History, not least with the Crucifixion of Christ, the real culprits used negative energy to shift the blame elsewhere and to incriminate the very same positive powers whose righteousness they most feared.

At the very least, "the jury is out" and examining all evidence carefully, upholding the importance of "Witness to Truth" through painstaking methodology and self-examination for unconscious prejudices and motives. See elsewhere on this website re. Atlantis etc.

Memories are re-surfacing, collectively and in the planet itself as much as individually. Over the last century various individuals, on the fringe of what is scientifically openly accepted, have done scientific work that could either heal or destroy at new heights or depths of effectiveness. Nikolai Tesla died a year after retiring from the Philadelphia project, concerning a large steel ship that was made invisible (and most of its seamen went mad or died) after being surrounded by a powerful magnetic field . Ruth Drown invented the healing science of Psionic medicine and was condemned to the State Penitentiary for "fraudulent claims" where she died. Wilhelm Reich discovered "Orgone energy" and was also condemned to the State Penitentiary where he died. UFO sightings are increasing steadily, especially in Mexico which, more that most places in the world, retains Atlantean memories. Crop Circles are increasing in complexity and beauty, with magnetic anomalies and the like recorded in their vicinity.

Some say the whole story of the Philadephia Experiment is untrue; others report meeting survivors,
including two who reappeared in a different location in an altogether different year of the century.
For a detailed rebuttal of the claims that Crop Circles are hoaxes, see "Vital Signs" by Andy Thomas

I, and other sensitives, and some of the "unacceptable" evidence of Science, have clear pictures of the Atlantean matrix of reality involving a physical world and reality that was permanently a fraction softer than today, and was also more open to being made even softer (or harder), and lighter (or heavier), a world where a number of Earth-dwellers also possessed capacities, now long-since lost, to alter such physical attributes. It seems as if a veil was drawn over the collective memory of these disasters, perhaps similar to the way this can happen after a severe personal trauma, perhaps to prevent loss of nerve in further evolution, as well as to prevent access to the old technologies until such time as humanity had a chance to learn enough inner righteousness, and compassion from suffering, to handle such powers constructively. The Biblical hint of this veil appear to be in the story of Noah's drunkenness; as so often, the story seems to be only the tip of a mega-iceberg.
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The focus of evolution sharpens again, and we enter on a succession of ages, each about 2000 years long, whose inner significance for human evolution is deeply related to the astronomical phenomenon called the "Precession of the Equinox" which describes the slow rotation of the Earth's polar axis about itself over a period of about 26,000 years. The "sacred" numerical archetype is 25,920 or 2160 x 12 years, which is pretty close to the measured astronomical figure.

The scientific significance of the cosmic, stellar and planetary geometry, mathematics, and beauty of appearance to the naked eye, in terms of powerful and exact correspondences with unfolding human evolution, has been all but lost to modern science; the idea of any such correspondence, let alone a science of beauty and correspondences, is today despised and rejected by Science. Little do most scientists today realize that Newton, the so-called "father of modern science" was first and last an astrologer and Hermeticist. He is reported to have said to a scoffer "Sir, I have studied these matters - you have not". One can say exactly the same today. The few real scientists who have dared to look properly (and face the collective ignorance, insensitivity and wrath of their benighted contemporaries), have found - and will continue to find - good evidence in support of the traditional astrological wisdom. Even the idea of correspondences "as above, so below" is frequently misunderstood as compulsion - whereas star wisdom is better likened to reading a road map.

For the sheer beauty and magical exactitude of the mathematics of the heavens, read "A Little Book of Coincidence" by John Martineau.

Once a year the North Pole points directly towards the Sun; this point is called the Summer Solstice.
Once a year the North Pole points directly away from the Sun; this point is called the Winter Solstice (Solstice = point of standstill for the sun). Once a year the North Pole is exactly at right angles towards the Sun, moving through Spring from Winter to Summer; this point is called the Spring Equinox (equinox = night and day are the same length). This is, by definition, the point of transition from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries. The astrological signs are each, by definition, one twelfth of the circle, 30 degrees, being defined by their position in relation to the solstices and equinoxes. Two thousand years ago, these astrological signs were aligned with the astronomical constellations of the same names, which are defined by twelve picturesque named groups of stars (none of which are self-evidently 30 degrees) through which the Sun appears to pass in the course of the year. But due to the slow rotation of the polar axis about itself, over the course of 2160-odd years, the direction in which the North Pole points slips "backwards" or "precesses" through another 30 degrees into the preceding constellation. Thus the word "Precession" arises.

At present the Sun crosses from the constellation of Aquarius to the constellation of Pisces at approximately the time of the spring equinox. Now it is around the spring equinox that change and fertility are most important and powerful - as seen for instance in the high tides around the full/new moons following this equinox. The more ancient festivals of the ever-dying-and-resurrecting God of Harvest were transmuted into the Christian festival of Easter, dedicated to the goddess of fertility Eostre, and fixed according to both Sun (male) and Moon (female) rhythms. Thus we see it is quite logical to name the astrological age after the constellation into which the Sun passes at the time of the Spring Equinox. Thus the phrase "Precession of the Equinox" arises.
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Evidence is accumulating today of a possible series of cataclysms, cosmic in origin, that coincided with the gradual ending of the last Ice Age and the raising of the sea level some 100 metres. These would have started around 10,500 BC, probably, as far as I can see, around the start of the age of Leo, at the time when the Sphinx was carved from the bedrock, and when the foundations of the later monuments of the Pyramids and Angkor Wat were apparently laid, corresponding with the star alignments at that time. I would welcome correction from astrophysical data, concerning the exact length of each of the last 6 ages ie 30-degree shifts of the polar axis!

See "Earth Under Fire" by Paul La Violette, for full scientific evidence of this. And though Paul La Violette himself doesn't "believe" in Atlantis, his very disbelief lends credence to the objective validity of his evidence.

The traditional time of the Flood, of the destruction of Atlantis, seems to coincide with the change to the age of Cancer, c.8500 BC.

Steiner maintains that the first truly post-Atlantean age was the age of Cancer, which he names "Ancient India"; the second, the age of Gemini, "Ancient Persia"; the third, the age of Taurus, "Ancient Egypt". Now I decided that if there were a degree of truth here, I would expect to find a major esoteric spiritual tradition or group of traditions directly traceable to each period of development. And this seems to be the case. From India come the many facets of the spiritual science of Yoga, whose name means "Yoke". What would be the prime task of the first age after the Flood? after the settling down into the laws of physics as we know them today? Surely, the stabilization of the new more physical, less magical, body, "yoking" the physical to the spiritual with strength and beauty, so that evolution could continue? You only have to remember sensitively what your own frame of mind and kind of survival plans may have been, immediately following some personal escape from disaster you may have had in the past, to begin to enter into the spirit of "Ancient India", or so it seems ot me.

The spirit of the Age of Gemini, "Ancient Persia", can be deducted from remembering the next steps in healing personal trauma. Beginning to reach out again, to travel as sensitives and wanderers across the Earth. Beginning to build up one's skills, to build up "civilizations" again. Specialization is needed in order to develop high skills. This brings, of necessity, isolation/separation before reintegration in a "civilized" differentiated/organized society. And this brings a new, strong need to communicate, to spin stories, to overcome the growing separations. And as people taste freedom, they naturally experiment - tricking others, getting power over others - thus arises the need for a code of law, to face the evolutionary challenges posed by unscrupulous people trying to gain power. Hammurabi's Laws, Nebuchadnezzar's madness, and Belshazzar's Writing on the Wall, are faint echoes of what really belongs far more anciently to the Age of Gemini. This fits Steiner's description, and archaeological evidence in the Middle East, of the beginning of modern agriculture during this period, breeding domestic animals and cultivating crop plants; also the ancient original of the "Tower of Babel" and loss of the primeval language, and the present-day survival of the Sufi spiritual paths with their renown for story-telling.

"Ancient Egypt" fits for me, as I have direct memory from around 5000 BC. The beginning of the real Egyptian civilization and spiritual power and awareness certainly precedes the generally accepted historical Egypt from the First Dynasty onwards. But new vistas in Egyptology are opening up - like dating the Sphinx back to 10,500 BC which is around the start of the age of Leo. The pyramids were actually completed shortly before the end of the true Ancient Egypt, by my dating; they seem to be the real "record of achievement" of the Age of Taurus. Later on, in the Age of Aries, Egypt is like a fossilized echo of the Age of Taurus, eventually imprisoning the upcoming Aries people, the Hebrews, and preserving their own slowly but inexorably declining spiritual heritage through material form: massive temples, inbred pharaonic line, mummification, and so on.

The star-alignments of the Sphinx and Pyramids, as described in Graham Hancock "Heaven's Mirror" and Mark Vidler "The Star Mirror", all amplifies the significance of the present times and the ancient Egyptian star knowledge of the Atlantean past and the future - now.

The planetary picture confirms Steiner's picture quite well up to this point, at least pro tem. There is room for much sensitive imaginative research here. I spell the following out in greater detail, because now I part company somewhat with Steiner, in a way directly connected with my starting-point, the astronomical discovery, but now supported by other evidence.
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The age of Aries can for me be nothing other than the history of the planet centred, by the peculiar pioneering, driving, egotistical nature of Aries itself (in both good and bad ways), in the history of the ancient Hebrew people, the children of Israel, up until the time of Jesus the Nazarene. Yet this is perhaps what Steiner points to by the phrase he coins to describe the central mystery of Christ's work - "Mystery of Golgotha". "Golgotha" means "Skull"; this suggests the part of the body, the head, which is ruled by the sign of Aries. The ending of the Age of Aries is well symbolized by a skull. And as we see elsewhere, the skull has further significance.

The story of Adam and Eve is a "speaking picture" that echoes the memory of Lemuria; Noah touches the memory of Atlantis. With Abram came a significant new start. In Ur (meaning "Archetype", or "City of light", or perhaps "Ancient Beginnings in Light"), recent excavations have shown that when the king died, his whole court was killed. Is this a picture of the court as female "circle" around the king? Remember the female connotations of "courtesan", "courtesy", "curtsey", "courting"... Is this a record of the growing ascendancy of the masculine? Abram quitted Ur to set off on an unknown journey, his hand in the hand of God. It is as if this rising masculinity, first harmfully interpreted in Ur, was celebrated in a transformed way by instituting the rite of circumcision.

Any significant new beginning can take an inordinate time to get visible results - in the case of Abram and Sarai, producing a son. Visible success followed receiving a new name, not a complete change of name but a development into which the elements of fertility and royalty come. Abram, "Exalted Father", became Abraham, "Father of Multitudes"; Sarai, "Bitter, contentious, dominative", became Sarah, "Princess". What energy does the "H"-sound carry? It's the breath, it's spirit; it's an orgasmic release! Aha! I've finally intuited something real! (real is related to royal)

Gradually the Hebrew people, the ever-expanding children of Abraham, took control of the sense of History, and the sense of being "God's own people", thus reflecting the externalizing male "Aries" principle of "only one leader".

Aries is the pioneer, the "I AM". "I AM THAT I AM" said God to Moses, at a critical point in the Hebrew sacred history. "Before Moses was, I AM" said Jesus at the culmination of this age. Aries the "man with a mission", the warrior, the warmonger - is this not fairly descriptive of the Hebrew people? The precessing Vernal Equinox Sun moves towards the beginning of Aries, the "young" Aries, symbolized by the lamb. Aries the Ram - Abraham sacrificing Isaac - becomes Aries the Lamb as the age progresses. Moses, sacrificing rams at the first Passover to protect the Hebrew nation, metamorphoses into the New Testament image of Jesus as the Lamb who is slain as sacrifice, not just for the Hebrew people (the male I AM image of Aries), but embracing the whole of humanity (the reappearing "cosmic" female imagery of the newly-emerging sign of Pisces).

It is as if the whole of humanity was inspired invisibly to evolve the male principle as a single visible Ego, "I AM", concentrating all its energy for the continuous record of development into a single nation, whose energy then devolved to a single individual. Israel is at the geographical centre of gravity of the great Euro-Africo-Asian planetary land mass, and at a place where the planetary geology inscribes a great sunken letter "I" from Israel in the North to Cape Town in the South (and the Americas reveal an embossed "I" from the Rocky Mountains to the Andes). The most curious symbolic feature of this geological "I" is in Israel, where the "I" is not only the "dot" on the planetary "I" but is also inscribed vertically in the descent from the springtime heights of Galilee to the hot desert and briny, asphalt-pit Tartaros depths of the Dead Sea.
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Yet the Age of Aries, the historical development of the most virile male principle, cannot be understood in its real power except in conjunction with the female Mystery out of which it emerged, and with which it works. Throughout the Old Testament and Christian history, women have been regarded as secondary citizens. Goddess-worship was put down again and again. Yet what a powerful hidden contradiction is here. The despised and rejected Goddess Astarte/Ishtar resurrects as Esther (daughter of Mordecai, who is surely Marduk, another deity in the Babylonian pantheon); then as East, the direction in which the Star of Jesus' birth rises; and then as Easter. The Israelites were taken captive to Babylon because they sinned ("Sin" or "Shin" is the local Goddess of the Moon) - yet this also meant penetrating to the heart of the star-wisdom that existed there, whose circular forms convey the essence of female symbolism.

Circular forms are the prime forms associated with the starry heavens - the heavenly vault, the "welkin ring" or Milky Way, the circle of the Ecliptic, or apparent path of the Sun about the Earth, the Sun and Moon, and so on. As light, in straight and arrow-like rays, comes to earth from the heavenly bodies, so the eternal male Son is born of the heavenly eternal Goddess, coming into and through her counterpart here on Earth, the female who receives into Her Body the male Light. Or so the Babylonian mysteries would say. The Babylonian myths predate, and are thought to have inspired, the very similar Biblical Creation accounts, which were written down during or soon after the Babylonian Exile.

Every story in the book of Daniel is deeply related to star wisdom. Is it perhaps the hand of divine "coincidence" that the book of Daniel was written down 365 years after the end of the Israelite exile? It had been carried until then as oral transmission, as the book itself says. This version is far more plausible when one takes the esoteric into account; the evidence is simpler, "tighter" and stronger than the modern scholarly version, which maintains that Daniel was only written 365 years after the Exile. The worst of modern Academia is their collective abhorrence of miracles and their un-scientific and emotional rejection of paradigm-shifting realities. Daniel in the lions' den; the fiery furnace: the astrological sign of Leo is the "ruler" of the Zodiac, itself a Fire sign: good symbols for Babylon itself being confronted with a deeper spirituality that could meet Babylon on Babylon's own terms?

This was an important time, the time of Pythagoras, of Gautama Buddha, and of the development of several important spiritual directions; there is likelihood that these sages all met up in Babylon. For Babylon, far from being merely a place of captivity, was a centre of Mystery teachings, of star wisdom in particular. Even the time of captivity, 70 years, points to this. 70 is used esoterically interchangeably with 72; as with the later Septuagint and with Jesus' 70 disciples. 70 is the traditional allotted life-span of man. In this time he will breathe on average 18 breaths per minute which makes 18 x 60 x 24, or more familiarly, 72 x 360 breaths per day; his heart will beat 72 times per minute. He will live for 365 x 70 days total, which is very close to 360 x 72 (98.6% accurate). 72 is the number of years for 1 degree of precession - nearly 2160 years for 30 degrees (99.7% accurate).
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Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which so unnerved him that he determined to kill all his sages who could not reveal its meaning. Daniel heard about this, prayed to God, and was given an interpretation which satisfied the King. His interpretation is that the dream is a historical prophecy. This prophecy, seen in retrospect, points to the time when Antiochus Epiphanes appeared, whose terrible actions signalled that it was time for the book to be written-down; this was 365 years later. But the imagery, and the dream's powerful effect on the king, suggest that the interpretation recorded in the book of Daniel actually skates over something more profound. Dante says this, saying that he disagrees with Daniel's interpretation (see in ch.13 of "Hamlet's Mill" by de Santillana and von Dechend). I think both are right. Daniel's answer was both correct and politic, aimed to meet Nebuchadnezzar's need. But there is more, and I suspect that Daniel saw this primarily, and derived from it a limited but appropriate interpretation for the King.

The dream describes a giant figure whose head is gold, whose arms and breast are silver, whose belly and thighs are bronze, whose legs are iron, whose feet are a mixture of iron and clay. A stone is broken off "by no human hand", hits the feet and causes the whole figure to disintegrate.

I see this dream as a single composite picture of all the astrological ages from the last age of Atlantis to the time of Christ. The head represents the "golden" age of Leo, 10,500 BC or so, when the leonine Sphinx was carved from the bedrock. The breast and arms/shoulders together represent the "silver" ages of Cancer - ancient India (breast; silver, moon) and Gemini - ancient Persia (arms; quicksilver, mercury). The belly of bronze represents the age of Taurus, ancient Egypt (Copper is the metal of Venus ruler of Taurus). The legs of iron represent the age of Aries (Iron being the metal of Mars the ruler of Aries). The feet of iron and clay point to the future (feet=Pisces; but the vision is still clouded/cloyed/clayed in the future, and tainted by the spirit of that time, the age of Aries=iron.)

Now we have recast these feet and integrated the two formerly incompatible elements as Reinforced Concrete.

The dream points through this time into a new era which supersedes everything that has gone before. But it terrifies the king because it is so vast, so tremendous; and because unlike Daniel and the Israelites, he does not carry within him the sense of the coming redemption through the Messiah. So the time of transition, the "time of the End", appears to him like a stone which shatters everything that has gone before. Astrologically this transition is the most important of all, happening at the one and only time when signs and constellations synchronize, from the age of Aries at the beginning of the Zodiac, "backwards" to the age of Pisces at the end of the Zodiac. By correspondence this goes through the whole body from Aries (head) to Pisces (feet). But the correspondence with Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron fits a different order - no wonder the figure is completely destroyed!
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Why did my beloved Steiner, who gave me such reliable spiritual provisions to take as I journeyed, get this picture skewed, which to me is so central, so clear, so profligate with proof? Steiner places the beginning of the age of Aries as about two-thirds of the way through my age of Aries; likewise Pisces. Yet the language of the New Testament is so plain: Jesus the "Lamb of God" sends his disciples out as "Fishers" of men. So is the sheer "feel" of the change in the air from B.C. times to A.D. times, exemplified also by the rise of mystery religions all around the Mediterranean just prior to the time of Jesus, all clearly recognizable variants of the Dying-and-Resurrecting Messiah. The transition of the ages must have some relation to the dates of Jesus' birth, work, death and resurrection.

Perhaps there is another Mystery at work here. Perhaps it is good that no single human individual gets all the answers correct. Perhaps this helps us all to be self-reliant and to treasure our own personal Mystery and personal experience of God / "I AM". Perhaps humanity at the turn of the century was not ready for this. Nor were the proofs available that I have now been able to draw on, eg the Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, the writing of Laurens van der Post, "Mutant Message Down Under", the work of Dolores Cannon and others who have built up the records of "Far Memory", and so on.
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I read everything I could find on getting the correct picture and dating for the transition from Aries to Pisces - and likewise for the transition from Pisces to Aquarius. Christianity currently dismisses astrology and therefore any suggestion at all of a "New Age". Traditional astrology said "Aquarius - now", and Steiner said "Not for several hundred years".

Certainly there is now a renaissance of consciousness and interest in the esoteric. But the Renaissance of history also started from a renewal of interest in the esoteric, although it is now scandalously little known that Leonardo, Botticelli, Newton, Boyle, and all the rest were primarily esotericists. Then, it was because this still had to be in secret, on account of the attitude of the Church, a straight hand-me-down from the age of Aries. The church was swamped in Piscean helplessness in the face of Aries-type diehards. Yet today only a little intrepid research is needed to begin to uncover the sequence of evidence that opens up this whole picture.

There is an astrological correspondence that fits these two Renaissances perfectly. This is the combined movements of Neptune and Pluto at these two times. Over the last half-century, they have by strange coincidence of position relative to each other and to the very elliptical orbit of Pluto, been moving in sextile to each other, which astrologically describes well the phenomenon of "spiritually- or esoterically-rooted rebirth of learning" This would normally only last for a few years, but in this century has been very extended. The last time such an effect was there was at the time of the first Renaissance, and lasted for a rather shorter period of time. 500 years before that, and earlier, there was no such correspondence.
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There is a serious objection to equating this second Renaissance, often thought to be the "New Age", with the beginning of the age of Aquarius. If we take the lifetime of Jesus as somehow being connected with the changeover from Aries to Pisces, the earliest date we could look to for changeover to Aquarius is A.D. 2160. Or rather, A.D. 2167 or 2168, because the "archetypal" period of 2160 years for 30 degrees of precession is actually extended at this time by 7 years or so.

It is typical throughout the star wisdom to encounter slight discrepancies between astrological archetypally "perfect" figures and the actual exact astronomical figures. I have researched many of these slight "discrepancies", and have found that, far from disproving the perfect "archetypes", they have curious ways of backing them up and making them even more perfect and beautiful, just as a leaf or an old house is beautiful, not in a hard exactness of symmetry, but in little subtle imperfections that relieve the monotony of the pattern without hiding it at all.
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In 1991 I found a strange "coincidence" from my star map. Astronomers can now plot the plane of the galaxy as a very fine straight line running through the centre of the Milky Way, visible only through the infrared telescopes as the interstellar gas blocks out the visible wavelengths. And not only the plane of the Galaxy, but also a very exact point within this plane which is the Galactic Centre. This emits extremely powerful radiation and is suspected of being a Black Hole.

With a beautiful geometry revealing the hand of the Creator at work, this is almost, but not quite, at one of the two points of intersection of the two great circles of the Galactic Plane and the Ecliptic. Moreover the circles are inclined at very nearly exactly 60 degrees to each other. This signature of "almost, but not quite" can be found again and again in stellar mathematical harmonies. The cosmically perfect figure, the physically exact figure, and the discrepancy between them, can all have significance. As is known from Mayan astronomy. The star map showed that the point of intersection adjacent to the Galactic Centre was practically at 0 degrees Capricorn Winter Solstice, sign-wise. The constellations are around 30 degrees out (except how can one be exact with where the constellations begin and end?), so this crossover falls approximately between the constellations of Scorpius and Sagittarius.

I am not sure now exactly how I did all the mathematical checks in the following material; but I did, with an expert astronomer's help somewhere. I would be glad if someone could re-check the figures for me!

I noted how close the Winter Solstice point had come to the galactic plane intersection point. With the precession of the equinoxes of 72 years per degree, the line-up point was coming very soon! Did this have anything to do with the transition we hear of as "about now", from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius? I counted back 2160 years (the archetypal length of an aion/age of 30 degrees precession) from 1991 and arrived at 169 BC. (I forgot about the addition of a year to the BC dates as there is no year 0).
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At the formative age of 18 I had experiences of hearing the words of Jesus inwardly, directly, at times of need. Steiner's spiritual scientific work confirmed and greatly amplified my awareness of the importance of Jesus and his work, my understanding of the historical story and the potential of evolving Christianity, its place among planetary religions, the battle for "Deep Truth", and the materials which were lost or suppressed by the Church which are now needed and being found and have great potential to help evolve Christianity a "quantum leap" further if people of integrity will take it through its esoteric roots again.

Now the Biblical symbolism speaks loud and clear, that whereas Jesus is referred to as the Lamb (early Aries), He sends his followers out as Fishers. There must be a link with the time of Jesus. But how, exactly? Steiner is surely way out in suggesting that Pisces only started hundreds of years later. He refers to the four fixed stars so important to the Persians as markers for the precession; but none are on the Ecliptic, nor are they at exactly 90 degrees to each other, nor do they have obviously greater significance than any other major fixed stars. Sirius, another star again, is the brightest in the sky. Steiner talks about Jesus as living at "the turning point of time" which people feel instinctively in the use of BC - AD dating; yet astrologically this picture can only make sense if it is the transition from Aries to Pisces, which of all astrological points is the only real turning-point. Today's astrologers are adrift in the other direction, for we are not yet 2160 years after even the birth of Jesus. There is a lot of sloppy thinking around here.
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Next, I was intrigued by the very small distance of separation between the crossing of the Galactic Plane with the Ecliptic, and the Galactic Centre. I tried dropping a perpendicular onto the Ecliptic (as one does for ephemeris positions of all planets not exactly on the Ecliptic eg especially Pluto) and measuring the angular distance along the Ecliptic. It turned out to be three-and-a-half degrees, as near as I could measure it. This interested me.

Three and a half is a number occurring several times in the Books of Daniel and Revelation, as "Time, twice Times and half a Time". It seems related to the other phrase, "Time of the End".

Just supposing... that this phrase indicates a period of time at the end of one age to prepare for the next, starting from the moment when the sign cusp passes the intersecting Galactic Plane; that "Time" means the 72 years it takes for one degree precession; that "Time, twice Time and half a Time" means the time of precessing the three and a half degrees from the intersection of the Galactic Plane with the Ecliptic, to the Galactic Centre, the real marker of the change of the ages? Here are cosmic markers of a higher order than any individual star or indeed anything else; they are unique and also exact.

It only presupposes that there is cosmic logic in dividing the Ecliptic into 12 parts of 30 degrees exactly, rather than just the four quarters between Equinoxes and Solstices. So let's have a look at this. As with all Spiritual Science, I can only give you pointers from my own knowledge and experience, and invite you to live with these, let them speak, and go and investigate for yourselves. If you can do better, fine! But it has to be better on all counts! For a start there is the curious mathematical fact that twelve solid spheres will surround a thirteenth, well, nearly exactly but not quite! - whereas it takes exactly six flat circles to surround a seventh. Next is the occurrence all over the planet of twelve as the archetypal number for a group - Twelve Labours of Hercules, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Twelve Apostles, twelve full moons a year, twelve pennies to the shilling, a dozen eggs. Our very language betrays us - the use of twelve very different words for the numbers one to twelve - after which they revert to decimal-based. Next is my own strange experience. Whenever I have felt "pressure of ideas" and needed to get them down on paper all together to see how they fit together, I have again and again found them appearing as twelve equal concepts, and often in the correct order, starting at Aries and ending at Pisces.

How long would these "End Times" be? Three-and-a-half times 72 years is 252 years - an interesting length of time in itself. It is 3 x 84 years, which is the Uranus cycle; 248 years is the Pluto cycle; 169 years is the Neptune cycle, nearly equal to two Uranus cycles total 168 years.
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Are there any tie-ups with the dates in the life of Jesus? This is where it makes me shivery because the links are so exact. Something inspired me to take hold of 84 years as the significant cycle encoded in the "Time, twice Time and half a Time" formula. I looked at the period of transition as 3 x 84 years; and tried placing the birth of Jesus at the two-thirds point. Well... did anything of significance happen in 169 BC, 85 BC, and 84 AD? For -1BC (should be 0) was the year tradition always ascribed to the birth of Jesus.

"The Time of Christ", by the Anthroposophist Ormond Edwards, goes back, with careful research, to the original dates. But "Chronicle of the Living Christ", by the Anthroposophist Robert Powell, drawing also on the extraordinary detailed record of the stigmatic Katherine Emmerich, produces slightly different dates, however this does not disrupt my thesis.
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Yes, there are links to two out of the three dates; there is moreover a reasonable answer to the third date as well. In 169 BC or thereabouts occurred three events whose deep significance and significant synchronicity have not been generally noticed. It is only Steiner who recognizes one of these as an important event - the Maccabees standing up to Antiochus Epiphanes. But if one looks up the story of the Maccabees (found in any Catholic translation, like the Jerusalem Bible), the grave and crucial importance to the whole Hebrew work of preparing for the Messiah is so clear, that I wonder, why haven't the scholars given it due weight? 1 Maccabees 1 describes the plan of Antiochus Epiphanes around 169 BC to systematically root out and destroy the whole Jewish religion, the belief of the Chosen Race who were destined to bring forth the Messiah. A threat more deadly than slavery in Egypt, more deadly than captivity in Babylon (which already starts to remind one of Daniel and his experience there). The "Abomination of Desolation" (1 Macc 1:57) takes one back directly to Daniel 11:31, and speaks clearly of something of the utmost significance.

Now Daniel 12 starts to speak. Verse 4 "But you Daniel must keep these words secret and the book sealed until the time of the End". Or, "until the End Times" of the age of Aries, the time of completion of the Hebrew destiny and work of preparing a body able to stand the incarnation of the Christos, the Messiah? Verse 7 the familiar "A time and two times and half a time"... The book of Daniel appeared around 167 BC - this is the second significant event.

Academics say the Book of Daniel was composed then, and therefore isn't real prophecy. But they don't seem to notice what the book itself says, namely that Daniel (and, obviously, those to whom his story was passed down) was instructed to keep it secret until these "End Times". I understand this to mean that it was either passed down by oral tradition, or reaccessed directly in 167 BC by reading the Akashic Records - the spiritual record that exists of all earth events, comparable in the macrocosm what many have reported from near-death experiences of seeing their whole life as a complete tableau. My guess is for both: the Hebrew parts via oral tradition and the Aramaic parts from direct access. Now I felt I understood Daniel - he had at some level acknowledged the entire lessons of the Zodiac and mastered the dreamy star-like clairvoyance of Babylon with the sun-like wakeful logical consciousness of Judah - the Lion of Judah.

The third significant event was the founding of the Essene movement with its community at Qumran, around 167 BC. And possibly other groups too, like the original Pharisees, who were originally an esoteric group as well - "Pharos" is Greek for "light". To begin to get a feeling for the Messianic significance of this, one must study esoterically-sensitive and open-minded writings on the Essenes - not just academic stuff, which can so often miss the things that really matter while using a lot of words about issues of no importance.
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Daniel takes the esoteric tradition of Judah through the required star learning at Babylon; it stays latent for 365 years, then is written down and metamorphoses into the building-up of the Essene community at Qumran. These people then start to gather together esoteric wisdom from all over the planet like a "Voice in the Wilderness" specifically to "prepare the way for the Lord", from the start of the End Times in 169 BC. This thesis fits well with Dolores Cannon's incredible and beautiful book "Jesus and the Essenes", about a past-life regression to Suddi, an Essene teacher of Jesus and John. As she says, it is as if the Essenes want to make their work known again...

Then 84 years later and 84 years before Jesus' birth, a woman called Anna was born, as recounted in Luke (2:36). She was a prophetess, 84 years old... had been married for seven years... never left the Temple, serving day and night with fasting and prayer... Unusual amount of detail to record, unless they were important to emphasise for some reason...

And in 1 or 2 BC, the birth of Jesus. Or, says Steiner, drawing on an esoteric tradition now virtually lost, that was apparently widespread up until say the Enlightenment - the younger of the two Jesus children. As Ormond Edwards' book shows in detail, two different and incompatible nativities (not just the genealogies) are given in the Bible, one in Matthew, one in Luke... Steiner says that at the age of twelve, one died and the soul passed to the other child... Says that the reality and sacred setting of this is hinted at in the story of Jesus in the Temple at the age of twelve. The whole truth at that time would have been too much for the public, outside esoteric circles. But a number of artists, evidently drawing on this tradition, show two young children, one of whom clearly appears not to be John (see Olive Whicher, "Sun Space", etc)... The Star appears to the Magi in Matthew; the Heavens open with the angels to the Shepherds in Luke. Suddi describes seeing the Star, along with the Essene community. He describes four stars coming together, moving as it would seem supernaturally across the heavens. I find that the thesis of two very different children makes profound sense relating to Jesus' later work - but this is another story for another time.
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Between then and 84 AD everything happened that was essential to the actual Incarnation of Messiah-Christ. Birth, Earth. 30 AD Baptism in Water. 33 AD Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension (Air); then Pentecost (Air passing over to Fire). Then the early Church got going, and at the same time many latter-day self-styled Messiahs appeared, all on a political bandwaggon, as described by Josephus. But the Essenes had been prepared for this, and had recognized Jesus and taught him in preparation for his work as the coming Messiah. It was this eruption of Zealot pseudo-messiahs, answering the public messianic expectancy, but without the esoteric source of discipline the Essenes had, that really goaded Rome into destroying Jerusalem in AD 70. This was what Jesus was primarily describing in the eschatological passages. Matt 24:35 - "Before this generation has passed away" could I think equally be translated "Before this age/aion has passed away". Now since prophecies are from the realm of cyclic time kairos, beyond the realm of linear time chronos, they may both contain apparent inaccuracies and also express deep truths relevant to other parallel cycles of time. So it was easy to miss here the important short-term accuracy. "Son of Man on the Clouds of Heaven", quoting Daniel, needs another chapter.
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Anyway, 84 AD. The recent destruction of Judaea is such a watershed, so little recognized by scholars for what it must have been like to live through, with Jerusalem, Judaea, Masada, Qumran, everything esoteric about the old spiritual way, everything exoteric about the familiar way of life, reduced to rubble and servitude, with the Jews never to return until this century. The inhabitants of Qumran did know, and were prepared, for this to happen, since their whole secret purpose of "preparing the Way" had been carried out. This is plain from Dolores Cannon's book. 84 AD falls nicely in the time span in which the scholars agree the Apocalypse was written. It could well have been in this year, since it starts and continues with expressions about Time, like Rev 1:3 "...because the Time is close" - this being a translation of the Greek o kairos engys "Cyclic/eternal time is pressing". There is also very suggestive evidence that the Apocalypse is a condensed future history of the whole Piscean age - but this is another story for another time.
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2160 years is the archetypal age, but in astronomical reality the figures vary slightly from age to age. This last 30? precessional age has apparently been 2167 years... This would make the next End Times of Transition start in 1999. This would firmly relegate the "New Age Movement" to the status of completing Pisces, not starting Aquarius - yet. Which may seem strange to many, but no longer to me... it reminds me of the rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem which had, unnoticed except by the Initiates, lost its Ark of the Covenant...

We have hardly started to tackle the real apocalyptic issues of overpopulation, societal breakdown, technological nightmares, ecological destruction, and spiritual cop-outs "It's not my fault, and anyway there's nothing I can do about it". Take them seriously? - perhaps not until today's equivalent of the "Abomination of Desolation" in the Holy of Holies, whatever that is. Heroin use? Human cloning? Secret power of the banks? Bush? I discovered the Galactic Centre material in 1990 while living in Ashdown Forest, home of those cosmic beings Pooh and Piglet; what does it all mean? Must we not once again gather together, sift and distil the accumulated science, culture, and esoteric wisdom of the last 2000 years, to prepare the survival material we need to pass over into the next age with the principles of permaculture survival with meaning, grace and dignity?

The next stage of the Great Work is for people to regain those spiritual faculties of perception - no longer just to "have faith" that they are there, simply because Jesus was able to remind people enough to establish that tradition. Now these faculties need to be woken like the Sleeping Beauty, in the right way, at the right time, by ourselves - our own higher Selves.
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